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Canvas Image Transfer Reflection

Following up the video blog posts, I would like to write a reflection on the process and share some of the results. I worked primarily with two canvas sizes and used the same process for each. The smaller canvas is what featured in the video posts as examples and are 12.7 x 17.7cm (or 5 x 7in). The larger canvases are about A4 sized, 23 x 30cm (or 9 x 12in).

I found the transfering was much easier with the smaller canvases and think that is due to the rigidity of the object. It was harder to stick the laser image down to the larger canvas surface because it was less taught. I think this resulted in the large areas of the laser print pulling off the gesso. It was my original intention to make the images on the smaller canvases in a scratched distressed style, while attempting to make the images on the larger canvases much neater and more streamline. In hindsight this process would have better if I had switched my methods around making the smaller canvases without the stress marks and the bigger ones less controlled as the process is naturally harder to control on this object.

The next step will be to see what I can do with the canvases. I would like to experiment making some of the large canvases into sculptural objects, as well as adding paint. I will leave the smaller canvases as they are. I find them to be more successful due to the nature of the images on them; they are not heavily manipulated digitally like the images seen on the large canvases. I will continue with different transfering materials, and natural objects. Hoping to work with slate, boards, and metal, and clear gesso in the future.


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