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A Hypothetical Story

Since my arrival in Wales, I have been captivated by the history and landscape of my new environment. Specifically, the stories of the Iron Age Celtic Welsh who formed different tribes across Wales.


The Silures, were a sophisticated tribe located in South East Wales, and their history is fascinating. Based on records from Roman historians, Archaeological information, Medieval Welsh literature, and a lot of imagination, I create digitally manipulated photographs in the Silurian landscape, responding to the new environment which I inhabit.


Despite knowledge in archaeology and literature, historians are unable to envision an accurate picture of Silurian life. My work is my personal interpretation of "what's missing" from the Silurian story, but also serves as a larger example of imagination's role in both artistic and scientific cultures, comparing the vision of an artistic project, to the hypothesis in the scientific method, and exemplifying how theses two cultures can successfully inform one another.


To read more about the Silures, and the placement of my work in a wider context, please read the Critical Text available below.


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