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The Magic Toy Box

     I often find myself moving through the world, while half submerging myself into my own. It is as if I am dragging reality along for a ride. I see objects around me, and become fixated with them, imagining therm to be what I will, while they remain what they are.

     This series of photographs explores the contrast between my life as it appears to others, and my life as it appears to me. The toys exemplify my love of pretending, and the colorful, magic world in which I imagine myself. The images are created digitally with careful thought to color, costume, setting, and placement of studio lights. They are then manipulated to give them a believable quality.

     There are three components to this series. The desire that can be seen in the waking world through the objects I  surround myself with, the transitional moments, and the dreams to which my mind succumbs.

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