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Plant Lore

     Ligonier Mountain top rests between Johnstown and Ligonier Pennsylvania at an elevation of 2743 feet. On January 18th 2010, after hearing the weather conditions, I knew it would be a beautiful scene to capture. When I had arrived at my destination the view was indeed spectacular, and yet what really shocked me, was the number of people who had also stopped on the mountaintop, to enjoy the beauty.

     I was thrilled that people stopped in the middle of their everyday bustle to view the mountain. In that moment all of us were united in our appreciation of winter’s splendor.
Since that day, my nature photography has taken a richer meaning. It is not simply sharing the beauty of natural forms, but about reminding others that we share the environment around us. I want to inform, that at one point in time, humans honored nature. Our ancestors had folklore and religions focused on the natural world, on trees, and flowers, sacred places, and animals.

     Resulting is this starting body of work titled Plant Lore, which depicts multiple fine art images of plants that carry with them, legendary characteristics and mythology that may not be known to the people of today’s society. They are created, specifically, to be visually appealing, in contrast to the methods of recording plants in scientific journals or the pen and ink drawings of ancient spell books.

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