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FOLK NAMES: Succory, Wild Cherry, Wild Succory, Blue-Sailors, Coffeeweed

POWERS ASSOCIATED: Removing Obstacles, Invisibility, Favors, Frugality

-Chicory is carried to remove all obstacles that could occur in your life.

-Chicory is said to improve one’s outlook on life and their sense of humor.

-Chicory can also be carried to promote frugality.

-It was said at one point that one who possessed chicory would become invisible, and was able to open locked boxes and doors if held against the locks. To do this one must gather the chicory with a gold knife, in perfect silence, at noon or midnight, on Midsummer.

-It was believed, that if one anoints their body with chicory juice, he or she could obtain favors from great persons.

-Chicory has been used before in different hexes.

-Chicory is said to dissolve gallstones.

-Chicory can be used as a fat cleanser.

-Chicory can be prepared as a coffee.

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