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Creation Book I: the She

When Time started all was dark and Time kept things orderly. There was not much to order, as The Ones existed freely both outside and inside Time's realm. There eventually came to pass an event- a small light appeared in the darkness and neither Time nor The Ones knew how it came into being. The She One had found it first, drawn to its glitter and shine; cutting through black space.


For nine dark days and nine dark nights the She watched this light. She was fascinated with its brilliance, and it filled her mind, consuming her with thoughts.


On the last moment of the ninth day the She touched the light.


It burst in a blinding, splitting chaos of infinite colors and possibilities.


Carefully, the She gathered each precious piece and filled all the imaginings she had ever had with small colored slivers of life. It was in this way that the She created the world.

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