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Creation Book II: the He

The bright lights and explosion of color woke the He One from slumber. The first thing the He saw was the She One's visions as they sprung into being. He was amazed and inspired, filled with curiosity the He went to Her.


“What is it that you are doing?” the He asked.


The She did not look away from her creations but answered, “I am creating such things so that Time and space may be filled and our days no longer dark.”


The He One watched her work, interested in the way her hands shaped her visions. “And what will these things do?”


The She One looked up from the large bright star of light she had just created. “Must they have purpose?” the She questioned. “Is not 'to be' great enough function?”


He One paused, eyes reflecting the bright star of his fixation. “No. I should think each would have a name, and a purpose.” Reaching out he cradled the star of swirling light in his hands. “This shall be called 'sun' and it shall be filled with 'heat,' a thing not unlike the sensation of our touch, but many times greater.”


The She One nodded and reached out using a small light to make a silvery globe. “I should like to call this one 'moon'. What shall be its fate He One?”


“It shall be cool and shimmering, and will work side by side with the sun, just as we will work to fill this dark space.”


It is in this way that the He gave reason to creations.

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