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FOLK NAMES: Tree of Life

POWERS ASSOCIATE: Longevity, age, fertility

-In many cultures the Ginkgo tree is considered “brain food” and used in different recipes because the leaf resembles a hemisphere of the brain.

-The Gingko tree can live to be extremely old, over 1000 years or more, and is the only tree that has survived unchanged since the age of dinosaurs.

-The Gingko trees are very resilient. One growing next to a temple in Hiroshima withstood atomic bombing. It was less than a mile away from the site.

-The leaves of the Ginkgo are used in healing rituals.

-Bark of the Gingko can be carried for healing.

-Ginkgo is often used at births to ensure long life.

-Ginkgo is also used at deaths to carry the deceased to a peaceful afterlife.

-Sometimes Ginkgo seeds are used in place of Lotus seeds at weddings.

-Legend says that if a girl sits under a male Ginkgo tree on a moonlit night and combs her hair, her wishes will come true.

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