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POWERS ASSOCIATE: Fertility, Garden Magic, Mental Powers, Money

-Pictures of grapes can be painted on garden walls to ensure fertility of plants. This was practiced in ancient Rome. Today this practice can be seen not only in gardens but many kitchens for the same purpose.

-Grape seeds particularly can be used for garden magic.

-Eating grapes or raisins is supposed to increase fertility as well as strengthening mental powers.

-Wiccans will often place grapes on their altars when performing money spells.

-Grapes leaves can bring prosperity in monetary measures as well. To make a simple talisman one can fold a grape leaf around a silver coin, and carry it to encourage prosperity.

-Wine made from grapes is often used as an offering when performing rites or spells.

-Some experts speculate, based on writings in the Jewish Torah, that Eve actually ate grapes in the Garden of Eden, and not apples.

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