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FOLK NAMES: Garden Mint

POWERS ASSOCIATED: Money, Lust, Healing, Travel, Exorcism, Protection

-Used in healing potions and other health mixtures.

-Mint leaves rubbed against the head are said to relieve headaches.

-To insure good health, one should wear mint on their wrist.

-Stuffing a green poppet with mint and anointing it with healing oils can alleviate stomach problems.

-Mint can be used in travel spells and to provoke lust.

-Mainly because of its smell and bright green color, Mint is used in money spells. Typically mint is placed in one’s wallet, or rubbed against the place where money is kept.

-When banning evil from a place, a mixture of mint, marjoram, and rosemary is sprinkled around the area.

-Mint can be kept in the home for protection, as well as on the Wiccan alter to call good spirits to magic.

-One can place mint under pillows for prophetic dreams.

-Mint is soothing, and can help calm one after arguments or before spells and rituals.

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