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FOLK NAMES: White Oak, Duir, Jove’s Nuts, Juglans (Latin)

POWERS ASSOCIATE: Protection, Health, Money, Healing, Potency, Fertility, Luck

-Druids, traditionally, would have all their rituals under oak trees.

-Religious idols were often made from oak and witches danced under oak trees.

-Two twigs of an oak, bound with a red thread so that they form a Greek cross  (equal armed cross) makes a safeguard against evil. These should be hung in the home.

-Acorns placed in windows will guard against lightning.

-Carrying a piece of oak wood will protect the carrier from harm.

-If one catches an oak leaf as it falls from the tree, he or she will not catch a cold all winter.

-Fires of burning oak wood are said to ward off illness. After that is done a person should carry an acorn to protect against illness and pains, and preserve youthfulness.

-It is said that if one plants an acorn in the dark of the moon he or she will receive money in the near future. 

-One can also carry acorns to increase fertility, longevity, and sexual drive.

-There are many variations of oak trees. They all tend to have similar powers and legends, but specific varieties also have specific magical characteristics as well.

-It is considered bad luck to cut down an oak tree.

-Oak leaves can be burned for purification.

-Oak trees have long been associated with royalty.

-Sacred places for rites often were in oak groves.

-Mistletoe, which grew upon oak, was considered the most powerful.

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