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FOLK NAMES: Cinnamon wood, Red sassafras, Golden elm, Saxifraxtree, Sassafac, Aguetree, Green Stick


-People native to North America believed at one point that the wood of the sassafras tree was endowed with special powers.

-Sassafras wood was used to treat the following: headaches, fevers, malaria, liver problems, stomachaches, and colds.

-The wood was also said to increase appetite.

-The wood has a strong “pleasant” smell, and the roots are used to make root beer and oil, which is used in candles and soaps.

-From the bark of the sassafras tree, a pink tea called Saloop can be made.

-Tonics made from the tree were thought to revive the youth of the human race.

-Early settlers believed that beds made from the wood of the sassafras would ensure a restful sleep.

-Farmers in West Virginia believe that it can drive away hen lice.

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