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FOLK NAMES: Coakum, Cocan, Crowberry, Garget, Inkberry, Pigeon Berry, Pocan, Pokeberry Root, Poke Root, Polk Root, Scoke, Virginian Poke

POWERS ASSOCIATE: Courage, Hex Braking

-Used at the New Moon, Poke can break hexes and curses.

-An infusion can be made and sprinkled around the home, or added to bath water. This must be done very carefully because Poke is poisonous.

-If one needs courage, he or she should carry Poke with them.

-Mixed with hydrangea, violet, and galangal Poke can be used for finding lost objects. This mixture should be sprinkled around the area where item was last seen.

-The juice that is made from crushing Poke berries is said to be used for writing because it is magic ink.

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