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Formative Assessment

Being back in the UK has kindled my desire to travel and photograph in Wales. It's a bit early for me to be planning a trip, so in lieu of jumping on the train, I decided to dig deep into my hard drive to find my MFA photographs.

The process of looking through old photographs is very telling. For me, it is a method of formative assessment; making me reflect on what I produced and how I would have approached a series of images differently. In this instance, I am considering the last portion of work I completed for my MFA, and that was cataloging the images transfers I made in books.

Imagery looks very different when it is rephotographed, or scanned, often giving the photographic object an odd, abstracted and flattened look. In this small experiment I took composite images (made of two or three photographs) and layered them over scans of the books, using masks to change the opacity in some areas.

Some parts of this process work better than others. I like the soft and transparent look with the shift in opacity at border, or book cover. However, this was an experiment and I had not made the images (or scans) with this purpose in mind. I would love to hear feedback, and also what book or multimedia projects you find inspiring! I can be reached via my Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and my contact section.

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