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Nature, Time, and Patience

“Nature, time and patience are three great physicians." -Henry George Bohn

Sometime when I was a teenager, I wrote this proverb on a bright orange sticky note and stuck it to my bulletin board. It followed me from high school to university, fading to an unsavoury peachy colour, and at some point disappeared in a forgotten waste bin.

Retrospect is a funny thing, and what was once considered as a less-than-satisfying-though-logical-and-long-winded cure for a broken heart, or some other social misfortune, has matured into a deep knowing of how to reset when my mind needs it.

It’s Mental Health Awareness week, and I urge you, even if you’re not particularly unhappy, or troubled (well done you in this crazy world), to take time to reflect on yourself and wellbeing.

Give yourself the gift of nature, time, and patience whenever you are able. Below are some photographs of a Bluebell wood that has been on my doorstep for several years, and I -only this spring, actually set foot in it.

No photo theory, no snooty art talk, just enjoying the light and fresh air after a crackin' storm.


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