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British Flowers Week

It's hump day and that means it's also day three of British Flowers Week, "The week-long celebration of British flowers and the UK cut flower industry," according to:

Those of you who know me, know I love plants and flowers, and I am constantly photographing different specimens I happen upon. Being in the United Kingdom has only furthered that passion as now I am interested in learning how the temperate climate here differs from that of my homeland in Pennsylvania. It's an ongoing study in observation, photography, and the environment.

In the fine arts community, photographing flowers and trees is sometimes viewed as being a banal topic, and indeed it can be difficult to "wow" the art industry in the landscape genre, especially currently with the focus of photography leaning towards issues in social documentary, journalism, and humanitarianism.

Despite this, I think the environment is a topic of social importance, as well as a source of joy and an aspect of well-being which often goes unmentioned. Much of my photographic work is inspired in some way by the natural world, and often traditional imagery of landscapes or plants are used to create a whole piece of work.

Below are some current images as well as photographs from as far back as 2013 when I was studying in Caerleon, Wales. These images hold a special place in my heart because the majority were made as an almost therapeutic process alongside my struggle to finalize my MFA portfolio. Several of the pictures actually appear in my MFA portfolio as layers in finished works, just small pieces which have not been seen on their own before today. Other photographs were made as I explored a new local landscape.

Not all the plants shown are native to the United Kingdom, as some photographs were taken in various gardens and parks, but all were taken in beautiful Britain. Thank you for supplying me with endless inspiration and the opportunities to learn.

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