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Biddulph Grange Gardens

Today's post is simply some colorful pictures of a garden owned by the National Trust. I wasn't the only photographer enjoying the late summer blooms. Who else likes photography of plants and gardens? If that's you, I would love to see your photographs! My favorite aspect of this garden is that it showcases plants from all around the world, and a small educational display about pioneers in botany and gardening. It's very strange to think about plants and seeds being smuggled as if they were precious gems, but they may actually be more important treasures when you stop to think about the advent of agriculture.

I hope to be spending more time at Biddulph Grange in the future, and photographing lots more. This type of photography is challenging from a fine art perspective as it is often considered banal. Despite this, I am enjoying photographing within this genre while searching for ways to change that stereotype.

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