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Potagraphy and Why I Volunteer

As the wheel of the year turns we find ourselves at harvest time once again. Those of you who follow me on social media probably know that it’s my favorite time of year by the increase of Autumn themed pictures popping up on your feeds.

You probably have also seen more than one photograph of Shugborough Estate, the National Trust owned property in Staffordshire where I volunteer my time in the Gardens and helping with Visitor Experience Design.

It’s obvious to anyone who speaks to me about Shugborough why I love it there so much, but as I was digging potatoes out of the ground last Saturday, I was thinking about the real root of this passion (pun totally intended).

Below are some photographs of the crazy spuds we harvested, the final potatoes in a bed we were tending to prep for next season. I was surprised when they emerged from the soil, as I definitely was not expecting these delightful little magenta monsters of potatoes, nor was I expecting to be quite so inspired.

But there it was, a spark of silly inspiration sitting in the palm of my hand; this funky pink potato nightmare, the exact antithesis of Edward Weston’s sensual classy peppers. How could I not photograph them?

Surprise, delight, inspiration, learning, opportunity to practice; this is why I volunteer.

Fresh air, fresh vegetables, and a good laugh don’t hurt either.

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